Strategy. Efficiency. Growth.

We help people and businesses reach their maximum potential

We use our experience to drive business growth

Securing Competitive

While working with leadership teams, we adopted an approach that guarantees that competitor intelligence can have an authentic impact on the strategic planning.

Growth Strategies

We strive to eliminate any complicating factors and focus on developing an effective strategy that will guarantee a strong advantage today and in the future.

The Future

We make sure your business stays afloat by giving you all the support you need as well as sharing our experience and expertise.


We help our clients to do a better job of retaining their customers by improving their service policies and actions.

About Us

Maximax Capital is a business consultancy.

With decade-long business consultancy experience and the success stories of our clients behind us, you can rest assured that you came to the right place.

At Maximax Capital we provide a range of exceptional and constructive solutions for businesses and personalized mentorship programs for entrepreneurs.

We help our clients manage and optimize their business processes by establishing effective workflows and finding reliable IT solutions to expand their business both domestically and internationally.

HERE we take personal responsibility for your success and consider your goals and concerns as our own.

Be that a new business or an existing one, a family business or your own, we have got your success strategy.

Take a look at the services we offer and let a consultation with us be your next best step on your way to success.

Our mission

We make sure

you get all the support you need along the way

We provide comprehensive proactive support for all customer requests.

Our services

Our business planning services start with the assessment of your current business processes, cover data and trends analysis and map out all the areas of greatest opportunity for your business.

From marketing to operations, from logistics to engineering, let us fine-tune all the inner workings of your clockwork, to ensure fascinating precision from the inside out.

That first spark is crucial but is not self-sufficient. It is a strategy that gives clarity, fuels the fire in the long run, and helps you stay on track with your goals. Sometimes even well-established enterprises need to review their business models, recalibrate their goals and identify new strategic initiatives to support them.

We can help you through facilitated sessions focused on developing the right strategy for your business, assist you in monitoring its performance, and fine-tune it along the way to achieve maximum efficiency.

There may be a number of reasons why you might want to exit. Sometimes, an exit strategy is the only solution as there is no family member ready, willing, or able to continue the business. Whichever the reason, the sale of your business or your share is a once-in-a-lifetime transaction, so you need to get it right.

We can identify and help you apply the best exit strategy tailored to your situation. Just drop us a line and we will take it from there.

Family business governance is a tool that helps to balance family relations and manage the business successfully.

We can help you create and integrate a governance structure that has family values at heart and business goals in mind.

Together we will build a personalised plan aimed at enhancing the personal, entrepreneurial, and soft skills that you need to become a strong leader of a successful business.

Our sessions include information and guidance on:

  • Developing leadership skills
  • Building communication skills
  • Hiring consultancies
  • Writing and achieving goals
  • Building of business processes
  • Improving time management.
CEO & Founder

Maxim Papanov

‘’We help business operations expand both domestically and internationally, especially where such expansion requires effective workflows and development of reliable IT solutions’’

Maxim Papanov is a Board-Level entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in providing consulting and implementing solutions for business development. As part of his career, he has completed numerous successful projects for such companies.

Maxim initially gained his managing experience at investment companies and has held numerous executive positions throughout his career.

Areas of expertise:

  • Business Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Negotiations
  • Problem & Crises Resolution
  • Leadership.

Maxim Papanov has a degree in Economics and is fluent in English and Russian.

What Our Beloved Clients Say

Maxim is highly professional business consulting. He gave me couple great consultations how to make my business grow. I found elements of couching on his consultations very helpful.
As leaders and managers we are inevitably used to own management style. One can rearly see blind spots in a rear view window. I engaged Max to coach my team on external and internal communications to give them fresh prospective. I was able to not only see my team from another angle, but I gained valuable insights while observing Max employing his style of interaction with a team. A week past the training my team is still referring to what was discussed. Max, I think aside from your extensive managerial and enterpreneurial experience, you have a valuable combo of financial expertise and people skills. Thank you!
Хочу выразить огромную благодарность Максиму. Экспертиза Максима помогла мне понять как быстрее и проще открыть компанию в Лондоне и какая очередность действий.
I met Maxim when I have a very complicated issue related to the future of my business. He consulted me about ways how this issue can be solved and recommended me the easiest way which I didn’t take into account before our meeting. I decided to follow it and now I strongly believe that it is the most constructive and time effective choice and it’s solution helped me now to focus more on operational issues. I recommend Max as sophisticated consultant who can help you to find blind spots in your business vision. I am planning to use his advice in nearest future.
I would say that Max one of the most effective and goal oriented leaders, which I have ever met! It was nice to work under his supervision. He had vast experience leading and developing commercially focused operations team at Aton Broker. Together with Max (I was his deputy) for the extremely short period of time we built new type of operations support and business oriented team, with focusing to the custody product development and sales. This team were the best in the market at this year. He managed the multinational team with team of Operations Support, Central Banking Reporting, UK, EU and Cyprus Outsourcing, Custody Account Management, Derivatives and Cash-equities support. Max has deep experience in Lean, Process washing and Digital transformation, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Negotiations, Problem & Crises Resolution as well as the Leadership. Max - you are the best! Would be nice to have one more success project together.

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